22nd October 2013

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Mechanical Computer (1948)

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8th June 2013

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Star size comparison

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4th June 2013


Mastery of the nature of reality grants you no mastery over the behavior of reality
— Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

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21st December 2012


The Scale of the Universe 2 →

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6th May 2012


Awesome Lego Science Models

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21st April 2012

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Psychology sucks! (The numbers on bad science)

Psychology sucks! (The numbers on bad science)

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2nd October 2011

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Animation of Earthquake and Tsunami in Sumatra, with and without GPS

Animation of seismic cycle, showing subduction of oceanic tectonic plate and resulting deformation of upper continental tectonic plate.

On the second time through, GPS data is included, showing horizontal and vertical motion of ocean floor (steady motion throughout), island (gradually sinking, then suddenly popping up), shore (gradually rising, then suddenly sinking) and mainland (fixed in one position).

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29th August 2011

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See you later Atlantis

See you later Atlantis

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22nd October 2010

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Metabolic Factors Limiting Performance in Marathon Runners →

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28th August 2010


DDWFTTW (directly downwind faster than the wind)

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