25th October 2013

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Separated at birth (Dani Pedrosa meets ASIMO)

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31st October 2011

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Dual clutch transmission

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25th October 2011

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FAMEL #10 (Dave Mucci CX500)

FAMEL #10 (Dave Mucci CX500)

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17th July 2011


Get the hell out of my way!!!

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14th July 2011

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FAMEL #7 (Honda CB 750 Kz 1980 CRD#5 Cíclope)

FAMEL #7 (Honda CB 750 Kz 1980 CRD#5 CĂ­clope)

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15th May 2011

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Simoncelli style

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1st May 2011

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0.025s gap

0.025s gap

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1st July 2010

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FAMEL #2 (Wrenchmonkees CB750)

FAMEL #2 (Wrenchmonkees CB750)

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